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Become An Affiliate and Earn 10% Commissions From Sells - A Recurring $75 Per Referral - 15% Store Discounts-Recurring $2.50 For Every Prescription Claim and More!

How It Works

The Associate Mailer Program

Here Is How It Works:

Welcome to The Residual Store Mailer Membership program. We have one of the most lucrative affiliate programs on the planet. As a Associate Mailer Member you will simply mail out our Amazing 6 x 9 full color mailers. These mailers include 10% off coupons of hot selling items located in our online store.

TRS has teamed up withNational Drug Card (NDC). NDC was created to help people with little or no prescription drug insurance to save money on their prescription drugs. This includes, but is not limited to, senior citizens, on fixed incomes and Medicare; self-employed business-people who have to pay their own medical costs; families; college students; and those who have recently lost their jobs and benefits and may be struggling financially.

The postcard mailers include discount prescription cards for both the consumer and pets that are provided by NDC. These discount prescription cards never expire and can be activated at the local pharmacist.

Each TRS affiliate will receive a TRS affiliate link in which they brand with their very own unique website address name. Their website address is then placed on their mailer. When a consumer purchases from their website the member earns a 10% commission. When someone joins our Associate Mailers Members program from their website, Associate members will earn $75.00 monthly recurring commissions.

Each postcard mailer will also be customized Associate Mailer members NDC identification numbers provided from NDC. When someone activate and uses the prescription and pet discount cards located on the postcard mailers, Associate Mailer members are paid between $2.00-$2.50 each and every time the card is use including for prescription refills.

Each postcard mailer will have our toll free presentation message included. This message explains the TRS Associate Mailer member program in details and directs the caller to the members website listed on the postcard mailer, thus doing 100% of the selling for our members.

In addition to the fore mention Associate Mailer Members also receives 15% discounts from purchases made in our store.

The Big Commissions

Associate Mailer Members receive compensation in several ways:

  1. When someone redeems a coupon from one of your mailers you receive 10% of the purchase!
  2. When someone whom you referred to our store purchases, you receive 10% of that purchase!
  3. When you refer another Associate Mailer Member to join our affiliate program you receive a recurring $75 monthly commission!
  4. You will receive between $2.00-$2.50 recurring every time a consumer fills a prescription for themselves or for their pets after they have activated their discount prescription cards located on your mailers!
  5. You receive between $2.00 – $2.50 each time someone uses their discount prescription and pet cards for refills.

To show how lucrative our program is:

  1. 20 Associate Mailer Members Referred x $75 = $1500 Monthly!
  2. 50 Associate Mailer Members Referred x $75 = $3750 Monthly!
  3. 100 Associate Mailer Members Referred x $75 = $7500 Monthly!

These figures do not include the monthly residuals you will receive from prescription claims and refills nor your 10% commission from store purchases. Commissions are paid weekly on Friday’s. Once you have referred a Associate Mailer Member and someone have made a purchase in our store whom you have referred we will pay you by Paypal on Friday of that same week.

NDC commissions are paid monthly see NDC commission schedule for their payment procedures.

See projection calculators below to get a better understanding of the potential earnings within your future.

Note: The Residual Store do not promote Associate Mailer members NDC affiliate links or sub affiliate links, this is the responsibility of each person who signs up as an affiliate with NDC. The Residual Store customizes each Associate Mailers postcard mailers with their unique NDC Identifiers providing our Associate Mailers a unique and convenient way to promote the NDC program that will earn each Associate Mailer $2.00 -$2.50 each time their prescription discount card is activate and used by the consumer including for refills. These commissions are paid by NDC.

Simplified Marketing Strategy

Every Door Direct Mail

The Residual Store Associate Mailer Members primary method of marketing is via the postcard mailers that are supplied to them each month included in the members monthly auto-ship package. These postcard mailers includes coupons of some hot selling items located in our online store as well as prescription Rx and Pet medication discount cards.

We have discovered that the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service provided by USPS is an very cost effective way to direct mail consumers. With EDDM not only will you not have to worry about placing postage and address labels on your cards but you can also geo and demographically target your market by income level, state , city, zip and age. This gives our Associate Mailer members and advantage because they are not wasting time marketing to that consumer who might not be able to afford our affiliate program.

EDDM is also cost effective because it saves on postage cost. Using EEDM is far cheaper than the traditional way of mailing. We keep it simple by working smarter not harder to achieve our goals and EDDM helps us achieve this objective.

To find out complete details on how EDDM works and how to get started with USPS EDDM free service please click the green button below.

Let The Below Postcard Mailers Go To Work For You Using EDDM. Please Click On The Images To Enlarge.

Become An Associate Mailer Member Today!

Let’s Recap what is included in your monthly membership package:

Postcard Mailers

  • Each member is provided with a qty of 250 6. 5 x 9 postcard mailers each month.
  • Each postcard will have the members website url name located on the card for commission tracking.
  • Each postcard mailer will include prescription discount cards for both the consumer and pets.
  • Each discount prescription card will include members NDC identification code for commission tracking.
  • Each postcard includes coupons of items from our store!
  • Each member is assigned a affiliate url that is branded on their cards.
  • Each card includes a toll free voice presentation that does 100% of the presentation for members.

Members Discount:

Each Associate Mailer member receives 15% discount from items located within our store for as long they remain an active member with us.


  • Each Associate Mailer member receives 10% commissions from persons whom shop and purchases from their branded affiliate link.
  • Each Associate Mailer member receives $75 recurring each month from each person whom join our Mailers Members program via their branded affiliate link.
  • The Residual Store pays it’s Associate Mailer members via Paypal each Friday for commissions earn during the week.
  • Each member receives between $2.00 – $2.50 each time a prescription drug card and pets discount card is used including refills (This commission is paid by National Drug Card, see their payment schedule for complete details).


Monthly Auto-Ship Membership is:$175.00

The Power Of 3

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”.

With only 3 membership referrals at a $75.00 earning for you a month your monthly auto-ship plan is covered and paid. Surely you can think of three persons who could use some extra income.

Please click the green button below to registered as an Associate Mailer Member Today!

Use The Below Estimators To Set Monthly and Yearly Goals For Yourself, Then Begin Working Toward These Objectives By Signing Up Today!