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Become An Affiliate and Earn 10% Commissions From Sells - A Recurring $75 Per Referral - 15% Store Discounts-Recurring $2.50 For Every Prescription Claim and More!

Frequently Asked Questions

What payments methods do you accept?

We currently accept Paypal, Visa and Mastercard via the Stripe Platform.

How long will delivery take?

Because we have many outside the country vendors we do ask our customers to order
early in advance and to please allow between 12-25 days for delivery.


How do you calculate shipping?

Good News is we don’t. Shipping is FREE on all products.

How do I search for my choice products?

We have many search tools located on the top bar menu.

How secure is your store and how protected is my data?

We go through extreme methods to make sure our site is well protected and updated against any forms of security breaches and issues. Rest assure that when you shop with us your details are secure.

Do I receive an invoice for my orders?

Yes we will send a invoice with every order.

Mailer Affiliate FAQ

What is the Mailer Associate Membership Affiliate Program

The TRS Mailer Associate Affiliate Membership Program is a program were individuals join our
program to promote our products and services and also recruit other associates via 6.5 x 9 mailers. These mailers are sent to Mailer Associates on a monthly auto-ship.

What is Included In A Membership

Associate Members receive a 15% unique coupon that can be used on store purchases. This coupon will remain active for as long as the Associate Mailer remains an active member.

Associate mailers receives  250 quality 6.5 x 9 postcard mailers customized with their website and National Drug Card details on them.


Mailer Associates receives $75.00 monthly for each new referral for as a long as that referral remains active with us.

Each time someone purchases from a Mailer Associates website, the Mailer Associate will receive 10% commissions from that purchase.

Mailer Associates are paid by National Drug Card each time someone activate and uses the customized discount cards found on the mailer for prescription and for prescription refills. Mailer Associates are between $2.00- $2.50.

Do You Also Do Our  Recruiting For National Drug Card?

The short answer is Absolutely Not! The long answer is, The Residual Store and National Drug Card is not one in the same company. We are a third party affiliate with NDC. All recruiting, affiliate links, back office support, reports, commissions structured, override commissions, payment terms, marketing material, etc should have been disclosed to you at the time you signed up with NDC as an affiliate and is not handled by The Residual Store.

When are commissions Paid?

We pay commissions every Friday for commissions earned during that same week.

How are commissions paid?

We currently pay by way of Paypal. So money is instantly deposited into your account. If you do not hay a paypal account you can easily setup one at

Does The Residual Store Withhold Taxes?

No, that is your responsibility. With your first residual check you will receive a W9 form that goes to our accountant. If you earn $600 or more within a calendar year you will be issued a 1099.

How do I Know when I have referred a New Member to The Residual Store?

We will contact you by email as well notify you via your affiliate portal where you can view all of your earnings. day. We will pay you via Paypal for commissions earn during the week on Friday’s.

What kind of response can I expect?

There is no way to honestly quote a percentage that works the same every time. There are just too many variables involved (i.e. what is your offer ?, the timing, the persons likes or dislikes, how many times you mail the prospect) If you are promoting The Residual Store opportunity, It’s Worth whatever it takes to find a handful of solid people that will duplicate your efforts and never quit.

What Is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?

Every Day Direct Mail is a convenient and cost effect way to direct mail in bulk without the use of a mail permit, address mailing labels, postage stamps, etc. EDDM is a service provided by the USPS and let’s you target consumers by demographics and geographic area’s. It cheaper than the traditional way of mailing (please see complete details on how EDDM works by clicking on the tab under Mailer Affiliate program.

Do you make any earning projections?

The Residual Store in no way can guarantee or do we make any claims to how much an Mailer Associate can earn. Income earnings will be determined only by Mailer Associates consistency and efforts?