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Every Door Direct Mail/Autoresponder Plus Leads

We recommend you get your Autoresponder from Trafficwave which allow you also to earn affiliate profits by marketing the Autoresponder system.

We created a series of effective letters specifically for the TRS Associate Mailer program. These letters also include affiliate links for both the Associate Mailers program and Trafficwave system.

To retrieve our letter series simply go to the Letters tab in your autoresponder and click on Retrieve Published Letter Campaign.

You will need the following to retrieve the published letters:

Series ID Number: 426791
Passcode: 71626

To market both the Associate Mailer and the Trafficwave Autoresponder program simply replace each affiliate link within the letters with your own affiliate links. For the 10% store discount visit please replace the domain with your own domain.

If you did not receive an email with a sponsor affiliate link for the Trafficwave Autoresponder you can obtain your Trafficwave Autoresponder by clicking the button below:

Leads: We recommend you use the co-registered leads provided by Trafficwave, You’ll find more details about theirco-registered leads program by clicking on the profile section of your autoresponder that you have created.